Question Sheet 7

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  1. Find a population of Silene dioica or S.latifolia and select 10 plants at random. (The simplest way is to walk in a line and take the first 10 plants that you pass.) Count how many are male and how many are female. You can do this even if they have finished flowering because the females will have seed capsules. Note which plants still have flowers with petals and which have finished flowering.
No. of male plants with flowers:   No. of female plants with flowers:  
No. of male plants without flowers:   No. of female plants without flowers:  

Would you expect to get the same results if you carried out the count at a different time of year?  Explain.

Note: The Silenes are common throughout most of the UK but not in Ireland. Your tutor will give you an alternative question if necessary.

  1. Find THREE of the following 4 species and enter them in the table

Stellaria media
Stellaria graminea
Sagina procumbens
Lychnis flos-cuculi

Species Date Location, habitat Diagnostic features
1.   (Name)



Family features




Specific features




Specific features



Specific features


  1. Find a specimen of Stellaria media and key it out to species level, starting at page 24 of WFK and proceeding to the family key and then to the key to the genus Stellaria on page 148. Show your pathway by writing the numbers of the couplets (as explained in question sheet 3).

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