Fees and equipment

The standard course fee is  £300.

If you are a volunteer with a group or organisation that carries out botanical recording, and you intend to continue to record with them on an unpaid basis, you qualify for the concessionary volunteer rate of £100Before your application as a volunteer can be considered we must receive a reference from an established member of your group or organisation, stating that you have been with them for at least one year and that you are a bona fide volunteer.

BUT if you volunteer for Plantlife please do not ask them for a reference – we will do that for you.  You qualify if you have had an NPMS square for at least one year.

You need a copy of The Wild Flower Key, Francis Rose, revised and updated by Clare O’Reilly, 2006. This field guide is essential because we follow keys in it.

A x10 hand-lens is also essential – an ordinary magnifying glass is not powerful enough. You can obtain a suitable lens on-line from Summerfield Books (type ‘hand lens’ into the search box), x10 magnification, 18mm diameter, costing £4 + p & p.  It is not necessary to purchase a more expensive lens at this stage and don’t buy one with a magnification greater than x10; these have an extremely small field of view and narrow depth of focus.

The course is delivered on-line so basic IT skills are essential. A good, reliable internet connection is necessary and a device on which you are able to interact with the course.  A tablet or laptop/desktop computer would be preferable as these have larger screens that enable you to read the course material, appreciate the pictures and complete the assignments.