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Are you a volunteer with a group or organisation that carries out botanical recording and do you intend to continue to record with them on an unpaid basis? If so you qualify for the very low volunteer rate of £100.

You must provide a reference from an established member of your group or organisation stating that you have been with them for at least one year and that you are a bona fide volunteer. Direct your referee to this website > Enrol here> send a reference here. They can complete a reference form online. However, if you are a Plantlife volunteer do NOT ask them for a reference we will do that for you.

The fee for non-volunteers is £300.

Please do not attempt to pay until you have been accepted on the course. Fees are collected by the Field Studies Council. They will send you an email telling you how to pay.

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Ask your referee for a reference NOW. Without a reference you must pay the full fee.
If you are a Plantlife volunteer do NOT ask them for a reference, we will do that for you.

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Acceptance depends upon the availability of a Tutor. You will hear by the end of January.